The option of Branchtop is only available in January and February – peak summer months. This is aimed at improving the availability of lake side accommodation for tourists and guests who really want to enjoy the pristine waters of our Great Lake Taupo without having to drive a distance.

Branchtop offers a single bedroom and Queen size bed. You have enhanced views of the Great Lake from a relaxing deck featuring 3 sets of double doors into the house and an outside dining area beneath a louvre/shuttered roof which is operated from an internal switch. The living area has a gorgeous vaulted boatshed ceiling with skylights above the concrete kitchen island and casual dining bar All windows look out to the Great Lake. The formal dining room looksdown the driveway towards the magnificent redwood trees. Both living areas have fireplaces – one gas, one a raised open fire.

Full description of Branchtop accommodation with images – click here